Allot of questions I get, especially the ones not regarding a specific knife, are recurrent questions. To make it easier for my visitors to get their curiosity regarding various matters sated, I will try to gather the most common questions here, in this section.

This page will be an ongoing enterprise and I will add new questions to the database as I receive them.

Frequently asked questions

No, I make all kind of styles both from the past and from the future. The Viking style / decorations are however something I personally like very much, which is why I use it as often as I can.

I normally use C75 and Uddeholm 15N20 or Ni75 in my high contrast pattern welded steel blades.

I can not plan for any visits ahead of time, but if you are in the neighborhood and I´m working, you can stop by for a quick shop tour. Are you a tourist in Sweden keep in mind that I live 600km north of Stockholm.

No, I do not.