Finger groove

Reusing some of my old design elements. The finger groove is very hard to hand grind to perfection, but it makes the handle feel great in the hand, and make the knife look really cool.

Video editing

Today I have done some filming on three knives. Doing the editing is so much harder then on pictures but I believe it's important to get it right. I use a Sony A6300 camera and record in 4k resolution, giving me the ability to zoom in on details digitally when editing...

Folder sheath

Finished a folder sheath today. I do not do them to folding knives, but the customer wanted a every day user and a way to carry it in the belt. It came out as a rawhide leather sheath with some 20 000 year old mammoth decoration.

Folder sheath

Today I have put together a small sheath for a folder. It have a belt loop and will be a every day carrier for a customer. Now it just have to dry a bit before colouring. After drying I will also asset the need for a lid of some type.

New folder design

I took some time after lunch to sip tea and work on a new folder design. Here is the hand drawn sketch transferred to the computer.

Blade fittings

Copper fittings for the blade. It was allot of working making this fitt properly. But it will take the sword to another level. Got some surface work left to do on it.

Mammoth scale technique

The outer bark of an old mammoth tusk have usually a lot of colours. The tusk soakes up minerals from the ground during thousands of years and stores it in it's thin surface. Usually the colour is very thin and there for you have to combine two pieces of mammoth if...

Acid etching

I'm etching some blades today. I'm glad I can do it inside instead of outside where the snow is piling up. However, if you are planning to ever handle acid please be reminded to be in a location without any metal in it. The acid fumes will corrode every type of metal...

Jewelry evening

Doing some work for my jewelry project Vallheim this evening. I will introduce two new pendants and is eager to get everything ready.

Small engraving

I have started on some engravings on a smaller knife. It will be a Viking knot both at the front and on the back bolster. I always listen to audio books when I work and I thought I might share with you some of my favourite titles in the future. Currently I have just...

Stitching and drying

Most of today went to finnish of sorting the company books. Soon it is declaration time for the Swedish IRS and I need to get all the papers to my accountant. All done now and I can get that nightmare off my mind untill next year. I also manage to get one sheath...

Sunday evening knifemaking.

Rounding off this weekend by finishing the handle I have been working on. The knife turned out simple but very well. It will be more sheath making tomorrow. Now I'm off to home.

Radial fittings

Here is a quick way to make a nice clean radial fitting between materials in the handle. A milling machine is needed but when you have one, it works really good on wood and bone as on metal.

Sword guard progress

This is my first serious try on some deep sculpturing. This will be a kickass Viking Sword! I still got allot left to do on this project and will take a small break when this part is done. It can become very frustrating working on one single piece for too long.

Knives are piling up

When most of my engraving time is focused on one large project, other smaller ones are piling up. I will soon take a break from the big one and clear out these. My plan for them? Sculptured Viking pattern on their metal bolsters.

Broken back seax

Manage to get this bad boy together. It was a pretty long project stretching over a year. Do not miss the video at the bottom of the page:) Total length: 29cm Materials: Stainless steel and desert ironwood. Inspired by the historical Viking broken back...

Broken back backlock

I manage to finish a folder this time. The shapes inspired from the Viking broken back seax model. It have a backlock locking mechanism, titanium liners and fully sculptured pattern welded steel. Enjoy!  

Summer of 2017

Greetings from a really cold summer in Sweden. I can definitely say 2017 will not be mentioned in the history books as the year I actually got a tan. Not even close... Been spending some time tin the smithy instead preparing materials for custom orders and...

Photo studio

I do not have a fixed place where I can keep my photo studio always ready. I´m currently using the guestroom/gym in the house as the studio when needed. This demands that I disassemble the equipment when I am done which, in it´s turn, demands av very simple setup that...