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Total length: 28,5 cm (11.2 inch)
Blade: 15 cm (5.9 inch)
Handle: 20 000 year old mammoth tusk and hand-engraved reindeer antler.
Sheath: Rawhide leather.

This knife is sold

While the snow and ice outside my windows is slowly melting away in the earliest spring ever here in Sweden, I have been engraving horn from one of the arctic animal who can survive naturally in the harsh climate of the north. The Reindeer is in many way a mythical animal, especially in the Sami culture where the old beliefs told about our world created from a Reindeer and the animal have always been a key component in Sami survival and still is.

In today’s society there´s not as much room for the free-roaming herds of Reindeers and they have to share space with cars and trains and is usually looked at with irritation from people with times to catch, as they can block roads in big numbers… and they are not very interested in moving from the road.


I think it´s a beautiful animal and one important presence in our landscape. Their meat is very nice and their horns makes beautiful knife-handles. This knife is one example with it´s hand engraved Reindeer antler framed by 20 000 year old mammoth tusk. The blade is hand-forged pattern welded steel, two welded bar with explosion-pattern in the edge and twist-pattern in the spine.

The sheath is hand-tooled and you can see me making the viking pattern on it in a video on YouTube or in this post.

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