I do not have a fixed place where I can keep my photo studio always ready. I´m currently using the guestroom/gym in the house as the studio when needed.
This demands that I disassemble the equipment when I am done which, in it´s turn, demands av very simple setup that generally works with whatever I need to shoot or film.

Here is a picture of that setup. A white tent and two strong studio lights with a background for the knives.

The light that´s placed on the upper right is the strongest and is barely above the knife. Do not bring it up to high or the picture will look flat. Also bring it as close to the object as you can (this require you to have an effective soft box on the lamp). This lamp is called the Key light and is the main source of luminescence.

The lower left light is brought down so that it looks up right above the edge of the table. This one is to bring forth some details that can be lost in the shadow of the stronger light. This light is very week and it helps allot if you can adjust the strength of the light manually on the armature. Some knives with darker color scheme needs more of this light and some with lighter scheme need less. This light is called the Fill light.

It´s a very simple set up but can make very dramatic pictures if placed right.

The camera I use is a Sony A6300 with the Sony 35mm/1.8 lens. The camera is great for filming as well.