Where the trail ends

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Total length: 46 cm /  18.1 inch

As big as they get. At Least before I start calling them swords. This D-guard is the biggest engraving job I made to this date and it represents the absolute top of what I can accomplish at the moment.

The size, the weight, the look… It got everything working for it if you are looking for something really extraordinary. Fully engraved with copper and silver overlay creates a stunning contrast with the steel sculptured background bringing real depth to the knife.

Blade: 3 bar damascus with fully engraved middle core. Copper and pure silver overlay with steel sculpturing.
Bolster: Fully engraved and sculptured steel with copper and pure silver inlay and overlay.
Handle: Desert ironwood handle.
Sheath: Hand tooled 2 parts rawhide leather sheath with André Andersson Viking pattern.

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