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Old page designTimes are changing and so must also the one who tries to keep his place in this strange world. I have been making knives since 1999 and have from day one been showing my work on the Internet. You can probably say that my generation, the -80 generation was the first generation to accept the world-wide-web as a natural part of our lives and I have always embraced and tried to stay updated with new techniques and the revolution of social medias.

I have always programmed my homepages by myself. My first homepage were actually done in HTML raw code (Homepage language) using only Windows Notepad. Later I met a great guy, Zackarias Persson, with deeper understanding in computer programming and he helped me set up a system that could be updated easier with more automatic design-tools.

Today I have had 4 different designs on my knifepage. The content have always been the same and the 3 latest designs were hosted with Zackarias system, but now it´s time for me to move on and adapt to the new world of the highly adaptable WordPress system. A little late you might think, but at the same time my homepages have always been popular among knife-enthusiasts and I have felt no hurry to change the system.

As I write this my current homepage and how it looks this day have had over 1.3 million unique visitors and over 3.6 millions hits. I feel very humble over the fact that so many people take their time to look at my work and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it. The old page will now be laid to rest in the forgotten halls of the Internet and this new more flexible page will take it´s place. I hope you will enjoy it and that the coming years will be as good as the years left behind.

Old page statisticsThis new page will be under constant development and I will work hard to make blog posts, new functions and make it easy to discuss and share my work on Social media. You will be able to comment / ask me quests directly on the page and I will do my best to answer your questions. In the future I´m planing to do Video tutorials and other article explaining the art of knifemaking and it´s components. The page will also be easy to view on smartphones and tablets giving you access wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Welcome to my tiny part of the world!

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