Golden intention

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Total length: 26 cm /  10.23 inch

Powerful Scandinavian lines decorated with complex Viking engravings. A multibar hand forged pattern welded blade eplotion edge-pattern. The handle is dark blackwood with a fully engraved reindeer antler inlay.

The engraving is made from several techniques: precious metals overlay, gold background inlay and steel sculpturing. 24k gold and pure silver is the setup creating this stunning eye-catching piece of art.

This is my first try on a fully gold knife.

Blade: 3 bar damascus with fully engraved middle core. 24K gold and pure silver.
Bolster: Fully engraved and sculptured steel with 24k gold pure silver inlay and overlay.
Handle: Blackwood with engraved reindeer inlay.
Sheath: Hand tooled 3 parts rawhide leather sheath with André Andersson Viking pattern.

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